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2018 Podcaster Hall of Fame Inductee
Founder of the School of Podcasting (2005)

What's the Catch?

Some (not all) of these courses have affiliate links in the couse. So if you decide to use a product, I earn a commission. You get free education, and I earn a commission. It's a win-win situation

My Free Podcast Courses 

Here is my current selection of free podcasting courses.

Learn Podpage

Quit trying to shoehorn a podcast website into something that was NOT made for podcasting. Podpage is so easy to use while still providing all the features you need. Register for free

Understanding Media Hosts

There are so many media hosts. In this course you get a quick overview of some of the top podcast media hosts so you can make an informed decision.

Volley a Great App for Coaching and Community

What if zoom, Loom, and Slack had a baby and the result was a free app available on Android, iPhone, Mac and PC. In this course I help help you harness the power of this amazing tool. 

Podcast Baby Steps

A little nervous getting into podcasting? This email course will answer the questions you need to answer before starting. All in bite size chunks.

The School of Podcasting

The School of Podcasting is not free. When you're ready to take plan, launch, and monetize your show.